Zeus Finance's Goal

Why Zeus Finance?
The Blockchain Ecosystem is vast and seemingly ever-expanding. As the high demand of node services rise - with the high demand and low supply of top notch node services - Zeus Finance puts you in a position to be an early adopter in this fairly young industry.
The goal is quite simple: to produce the most amount of real yield - from useful, innovative products that produce revenue - derived from decentralized financial endeavors and share more than half of the protocol's profit with investors (about 60%).
We truly believe that blockchain technologies, and specifically decentralized finance, is a means to redistribute wealth and provide citizens with a better chance at both equity and equality. Through being a DaaS protocol built on Avalanche, we believe that we can provide a safe, sustainable, and profitable yield potential for all investors.
Zeus Finance intends on being the most rewarding, trustworthy, and innovative decentralized financial community on the Avalanche Network, all organized around the idea that the citizens of our community (Olympians) deserve the opportunity to become financially free. $ZEUS is the key to ascending wealth.