This is a living document that will continually be edited and updated.
$ZEUS is our native token that rewards holders with a share of protocol profits and is utilized for various utility within our financial suite:
  • Invest: Purchasing Nodes that emit $ZEUS
  • Earn: Staking $ZEUS for $USDC
  • Please see our roadmap for upcoming utility
Originally, a total of 20,456,743 ZEUS tokens were created. Below are the values and statements of the distribution of these tokens. After the team came to a conclusion, Zeus Finance chose to migrate to a new token contract, utilizing $ZEUS v2.
Below, you can find some of the basic details about the current $ZEUS token, after migration to v2:
  • Token Address: 0x8C3633eE619a42d3755327C2524E4d108838c47f
  • Network: Avalanche
  • DEX: TraderJoe
  • Trading Pair: ZEUS / WAVAX
  • Name: Zeus Finance
  • Symbol: $ZEUS
  • Total Supply: 1,434,958
  • Maximum Supply: 3,000,000
  • Max Tx: N/A
  • Max Wallet: N/A
  • Tax: Buy Tax: 0% / Sell Tax: 0% / Compound Tax: 0% / Claim Tax Under 20 Days: 80% / Claim Tax Over 20 Days: 15%
  • The token is inflationary and deflationary
Disclaimer - The values and statements made above are indicative only and should not be misconstrued as an offer or guarantee. As we have stated, we are constantly building and doing what we can do provide the best financial suite to our users.