Swap: DEX + Bridge

Zeus Finance is implementing RBX's DEX, which has built-in cross-chain capabilities, into the protocol. The protocol will be collecting a small transaction fee per swap, growing sources of revenue out further.
Part of making products easy to use is minimizing headaches. With RBX’s DEX integrated into the dApp, Zeus Finance makes it easy for the community, and even new members, to participate in the ecosystem by not having to leave the dApp to trade. With RBX’s unique cross-chain solution, allowing seamless trading across all of their supported blockchains (18 and growing), it is just as easy as trading on a single-chain DEX as it is trading on their (meaning, Zeus Finance’s) DEX. For example — an Avalanche token can be traded with an BSC token, to a Polygon token, and back again.
With the integration of the DEX into Zeus Finance’s dApp, there will be cheaper gas and better pricing for users, which leads to revenue that sustains the project, most of it going back to the community through profit sharing.