Earn: Staking

Leverage Your $ZEUS Through Staking in the Stability Fund
xZEUS is a staking option that provides users with yield in the form of a stable coin. Essentially, the premise is to stake $ZEUS and earn $USDC.
Stake ZEUS into xZEUS:
Users have the ability to earn $USDC through staking $ZEUS. Zeus Finance truly believes in sharing profit generated on the platform, and it is done through staking into the Stability Fund. When you stake $ZEUS, you will receive xZEUS, essentially a non-transferrable token that acts as a receipt of the % of the overall xZEUS vault you hold. You essentially receive $USDC rewards proportional to your share of all the ZEUS staked.
Users can stake and unstake from the Stability Fund at any time, no penalty, with an auto-claim function on the unstake. Though, there is a small fee upon deposit, paid in $AVAX.
Stake 1-1,000 $ZEUS: $4 Fee
Stake 1,001 - 2,000 $ZEUS: $5 Fee
Stake 2,001 + $ZEUS: $6 Fee
How much is earned?
xZEUS Stakers receive rewards proportional to their share of the xZEUS vault.
Calculation: userRewardRate = userZEUS / totalZEUScirculating * xZEUSRewardRate.