The Olympians of Avalanche

Zeus Finance's Official NFT Collection

The Collection

‘The Olympians of Avalanche’ is a collection of 500 NFTs powered by Zeus Finance. The Olympians are here to support the protocol, providing assistance for the ascension of wealth; a foundation for an inclusive community. They will be utilized within the protocol - another piece of the financial suite.
True to our original intention, these NFTs will serve as community profile pictures for deeper inclusivity, bringing the community together and strengthening our presence visually, inherently marketing Zeus Finance. They will also serve as a placeholder for the chance to be Whitelisted for our future reward booster NFTs (there will be no public sale, WL only).
Utility: TBD. All benefits will increase based on rarity of the NFT; the higher the rarity, the greater the benefit.

Rarity Breakdown:

Legendary Tier: 10 / 500
Epic Tier: 89 / 500
Rare Tier: 150 / 500
Common Tier: 251 / 500