This is a living document that will continually be edited and updated.
For those that have been in the space for a bit of time, the blockchain market is very competitive and in order to survive and flourish, we need a unique and effective marketing strategy. Sometimes, an entire project's success can come down to the marketing approach.
While we will largely depend on our community’s drive and verve to spread the news of the project through word of mouth and viral social activity, we don’t plan to leave anything to chance. The marketing team will maintain the appearance and generate buzz on all major social channels.
In the beginning, we opened our discord channel and we've witnessed an unprecedented influx of Olympians. The discord is a spot - a virtual center - where a lot of discussions take place and a lot of news is shared, so it is important that we ensure that our discord server grows organically. This will be a focus until we reach a healthy amount of Olympians.
We also will be utilizing:
  • Social Media: Periodic posting on Twitter & Medium pages for communication purposes. Holding ZeusSpaces (Twitter Spaces) every Tuesday at 12PM EST.
  • Press Releases: We will dole out press releases weekly, informing the community and new investors of updates centered around rewards, new collaborations, new utility, and any information that will increase the value of the project. Olympians will receive all the necessary information about the project in a central location, 'The Olympus Post,' every Sunday at 12pm EST.
  • Get Listed on Several Exchange Platforms: $ZEUS will get listed on exchange platforms to aid supply and thus, members can trade and HODL their tokens. This will help establish the value of the token.
  • Spread the User Base Outside of the Blockchain Ecosystem: We will introduce our yield base to outside individuals and parties outside of the node and blockchain world. This will also convince outside companies & networks to invest in the concept.
Over time, we will target influencers on:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • Youtube
  • TikTok
  • Reddit
For now, during our first few months of being live, we are focused on building an active community and gaining the absolute trust of our users because we want this protocol to be a community-driven one, a place where VC's have no place.
We are truly driven to provide a means for the average (including low-income) investor, to earn passive income and pursue their passions in life. Through marketing, our priority is to truly position ourselves as a professional DeFi protocol that offers a suite of investment vehicles to ensure stability and growth. We know this can be achieved organically through our discord channel and then professionally through partnerships. The marketing team will slowly pull back from influencer marketing which helps the protocol initially grow, and start attacking DEX listings (and eventually CEX listings) and blue chip (and gem) partnerships. These will be accomplished through growth of our community and increase in price utilizing our tools of utility.