This is a living document that will continually be edited and updated.
All of us at Zeus Finance are truly inspired by how dedicated our citizens are in supporting our protocol - you, the Olympians are what make this project thrive. Our main objective is to provide you with a source of passive income, enough so, that you can become financially free and pursue the life that you were meant to live.
The present NaaS / DaaS structure is just the beginning. The project will continually evolve. The most exciting part will be that the devs will follow any path that the community decides on - this is a forever evolving and democratic system.
Please keep in mind that nodes are basically just the initial foundation of what this protocol is going to be utilized for. As we build and grow our platform, our utility will change and nodes will only be a small part of the service that we provide.
We are pushing a unique product in the area of blockchain that is heavily sets on diversification and flexibility. For this, our product will be a basket of investing (creating a node), earning (staking), NFTs, donations, and play - all backed by a very powerful coin in a very efficient protocol.
While not totally complete, this document provides the necessary and most useful information to comprehend the protocol delivered by Zeus Finance. The developers and team are striving to make the protocol beneficial for all community members while making the functionalities as simple and intuitive as possible. We believe you won't have to study and recollect parts of this document in order to engage and partake in what the protocol has to offer.
Finally, we want you to remember, Zeus Finance intends on being the most rewarding, trustworthy, and innovative decentralized financial community on the Avalanche Network, all organized around the idea that our citizens of Olympus deserve the opportunity to become financially free.
Our goal is to help each and every Olympian claim freedom and become sovereign beings. The Gods of Olympus are capable of displaying great kindness to those that worship through generosity, patience, and gratitude.