Why Does the Multisig-Treasury Balance Not Increase Daily?

This is a living document that will continually be edited and updated.
As you all know, we have completed a multi sig between 3 of our team members to reassure our investors that the money is secured. However, due to the fact that the new treasury wallet is a multi-sig contract address, the AVAX can't be automatically sent to the contract address.
To ensure that the AVAX is still flowing into the multi-sig treasury we have created a typical wallet with the snowtrace address attached below for the community to track.
After the wallet accumulates a total of 1000 AVAX we will send the AVAX to the multi-sig address. This action will be repeated every time this address hits 1000 AVAX.
To get a better estimate of what is in the treasury please take into account both the funds in the above address at any point, as well as the funds that we accrue in the multisig address.