How Does Compounding Work?

This is a living document that will continually be edited and updated.
Compounding will allow you to use the unclaimed rewards in your 'Compound Balance' in the Node Dashboard to create nodes with coins generated from nodes of any tier.
Initially, you use the ‘Deposit’ button to transfer your ‘Rewards Available’ balance into the ‘Compound Balance.’ The ‘Compound Balance’ is the location where all the nodes — you create through compounding — will draw from.
*Note, when you select the tier to fund the balance, it will take all the rewards built in that node tier and restart the timers for said nodes.
Use the ‘Compound Node’ button on any tier to create the node and make sure you use a unique name.
With the new UI, you now have the ability to withdraw the rewards from your compounded balance at a 50% tax rate. The ‘Withdraw’ button allows you to transfer your ‘Compound Balance’ rewards to the wallet that you have connected to our dApp.