How Does Claiming Work?

This is a living document that will continually be edited and updated.
With the updates to our new UI you now have multiple claiming options.
First, you may individually select which nodes you would like to claim from on your Node Dashboard and then claim by clicking 'Claim Selected Nodes'. If you want to claim the rewards from all of your nodes simply select all of the nodes and then click 'Claim Selected Nodes' when the 'Fee Due Date' is active at 15%.
Also on the Node Dashboard, at the top you will see a button, 'Claim All Rewards.' From this button, you will be able to select a specific tier of nodes that you own and it will claim all the rewards from that tier. 'Claim All Rewards' will always be taxed at 80%. Please select all nodes and choose 'Claim Selected Nodes' for the small tax.